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Dental Surgeon Stefanos Tolios

Doctor Stefanos Tolios is a dental surgeon that graduated from the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He continued his studies in the Columbia University of New York, as well as the Institute for Graduated Dentist in New York.
He has been working as a dentist for over 25 years and his long experience makes it possible for him to deal with even the most complicated cases. He specializes in dental work needed by tourists as he can speak many foreign languages that make it easy for him to communicate with the patients. More particularly, he can speak English, Italian, French, German, Scandinavian and Ethiopic.

No matter what part of the world you may be coming from, Dr Tolios will be able to successfully deal with any dental issues that you may have.
Dental Clinic Rhodes - Stefanos Tolios
Doctor Stefanos Tolios
Dental Clinic Rhodes
Our dental clinic accepts international insurances and thus, your insurance can cover the cost of any procedure needed. Bring your insurance or Medicaid card with you and benefit from our dentist’s great experience and expertise.

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